Custom Centerpiece Lighting

Wedding Lighting Decor And Uplighting

We have over 200 designs we can project on your walls or dance floor in any color. We can project themes ranging from hearts, to snowflakes, to flowers and logos! Pinspotting your tables can bring so much life to the tables at your big event. You spent time and money on your beautiful centerpieces....So let us show them off for you!

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Wireless, Battery Powered Pinspotting!! No Cords, Mount anywhere!

We are Orlando's choice for making your big day unique and exciting! Whether you need professional reception entertainment, LED lighting, Pinspotting, Market Lighting, Or custom Gobos and Laser Light Shows, we can make your event stand out from the rest. Call today for a free consultation (321) 424-8006.

Textured wall lighting and table pinspotting

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Wireless LED Table And Centerpiece Lighting

Create an elegant and festive atmosphere for you and your guests with LED pinspots and Wireless table lighting.

Light up and showcase your cake  with pinspotting or LED Cake Lighting and Orbs